5 Common Skincare Mistakes

What are the 5 Most Common Skincare Mistakes?



There are a number of you who take good care of your skin, there are others who think they take good care of their skin but fail to do the right things. Here are 5 common skincare mistakes to avoid.


  1. Leaving the skin unprotected is probably the most common mistake, always follow up a thorough exfoliation or wash with toner or conditioner. Do this within 60 seconds.


  1. Using the wrong beauty products is another mistake. Check the skin type that a product covers, match it with your skin type before using it.


  1. It may be hard not to, but picking, prodding or using the wrong treatment over blemishes will only make it worse. Make sure the treatments are perfectly matched with and applied at the right time for maximum effect.


  1. Exfoliation is a part of a good skincare regime, but too much of it, too often can be highly damaging. If you can see flaking, dryness, and inflammation, go easy on the exfoliation, be gentle, you don’t want to sandpaper your skin.



  1. Always wear sunscreen. Throughout the year, including the winter months.


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Keep this checklist handy and avoid these common skincare mistakes.

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